The evening had come after a long journey, but instead of feeling tired- all I could feel was excitement!  I was looking forward to this trip for so long!  I'm from a small town in Maryland and truthfully I just hadn't traveled much, especially since losing my wife seven years ago.  Every day has a dull ache and I'd lost that magic sparkle of life in my eyes, or at least, I couldn't see it anymore... but tonight would be different.  Tonight was a whole new experience.  Tonight was an adventure! 

During the drive down- I got to see beautiful scenery and visit places I'd never been. I'm discovering a side of myself I'd forgotten.  That I like to travel and experience new things, and now I'm almost to the gates of the Biltmore Estate, I'm almost there!  As I make the turn towards the Biltmore, I catch my breath... Jason said he'd see us at the gates, but I didn't expect this!  The gates are massive! Like an entry way to a magical world.  I grab some photos then hurry inside, just in awe of what I'm seeing.  Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it. This place is like it's straight from a fantasy.  Lush grass and trees, magnificent mansion that reminds me of castles, all with clear views to die for!  Horses galloping over hills!  A pristine pond glistening in the sun!  I feel like I'm dreaming when I reach the ballroom doors and there is where I finally see him! The man himself!  The generous and fun loving friend I was looking forward to seeing....Jason!  He lights up when he sees me and gives me a huge hug! And I know he's as genuinely excited to see me as I am to be there and at that moment I am so, so thankful I came.  I knew this truly was a night that I would never forget but also needed! 

Jason kept giving me a night of firsts: my first time at the Biltmore or any mansion, my first limo ride, my first professional photos, my first real dance and I enjoyed every single second.  I watched Jason as he greeted each guest and as he enjoyed himself with everyone who came down.  There were smiles, laughter, dancing, kissing... and even a proposal!  And who was first to congratulate the couple... Jason was! That night was epic! And I loved seeing Jason so happy and full of life and excitement.  He promised magic and delivered an enchanting night indeed.